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  The Link Engine is a project within a project. I started this to recreate the game,
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, then decided to release the source
code under the GPL. Upon completion of this project, the source code will
be stripped to a bare minimum leaving only the functions behind, removing
all added media, therefore creating a game engine to base other games from.



Project Status


Current State: Pre Alpha

Current WIP: Collision Detection, Basic Enemy Implementation

Current Source State: Cleaning for v0.01 release



Release v0.01 will introduce only one map. The South Fields area of the
Minish Cap in it's original state minus a few objects that block certain paths.
No submaps will be released at this time. From verison 0.01, all changes
until version 0.02 will be released via CVS (Concurrent Versioning System).


Although this project attempts to simulate the original game, we will be
accepting feature requests and if agreed upon by the staff, implementing
them into the engine.







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